• Lisa Ainslie

"How do you find the time??"

I get asked this a lot. And it made me think about how often we women get asked this if we do something that doesn't have anything to do with running a household or our day jobs. Most of the time, people are genuinely curious because they can't imagine having time in their own busy lives for anything that vaguely resembles a 'leisure activity'. I get that. Life is busy enough! Occasionally though, it feels almost accusatory, as if by dedicating time to such a 'frivolous' activity, I must be failing in some other area. Maybe I am. My house is a tip right now. *shrugs shoulders*. At this moment, I can think of at least ten things I could or 'should' be doing. That's just adult life! I guess it's about what you choose to prioritise. I'm not going to use this platform to justify how I manage to find time for this. It's enough to simply say that I'm always first up and last to bed in this house, and I'm always exhausted!

The thing is, to me, as is the case for any creative person, painting is NOT a frivolous activity. Far from it. At a craft fair recently, I chatted with another maker who articulated exactly how I feel about painting: "You feel like you need to do it." It's so true. If I go a few days without being able to paint, I'm not much fun to live with! It's like both a release and an escape. It got me through two lockdowns, it helps when I've had a tough day at work, and my commissioned illustrations always put a smile on people's faces. There's no greater sense of achievement and satisfaction than that! It's hard to find as much time as I'd like to dedicate to developing my skills, but I certainly make as much time for it as I can. I was going to say it's like making time for watching your favourite TV show or having a well-earned glass of wine in the evenings, but it's not. It's more like making time for eating or sleeping. I'd love to hear from anyone with whom this resonates. We should always remain committed to making time for the things that bring us joy, no matter how many other responsibilities we have.

Me in my element.

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